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This fun inflatable lounger is your perfect companion for any summer water fun! Made of high quality durable vinyl, this floating pizza is the perfect way to spend your summer relaxing on the water. With 2 built in cup holders ready for your icy cold beverages, you are practically set. Space is no issue, measuring 6 feet long and 5 feet wide you have plenty of room to stretch and relax. This pizza float has plastic rings on the edge to attach more pizza floaties for a whole pizza pie party! Each slice has bright colors and fun details that showcases all your favorite toppings like cheese, pepperoni, mushrooms, olives, and peppers. This packag also has an emergency patch kit for those unexpected events so you don't have to stop the fun. Enjoy your summer in style and be the envy of everyone at the pool. Main Specifications of AG Pizza Float are listed below:

  1. Measure 6 feet by 5 feet wide.
  2. Has 2 built in cup holders for holding beverages while on the water.
  3. Plastic rings on the edge of the float allow for connecting more pizza floats to form a whole pizza pie.
  4. Made for children 6 years and up with adult supervision.
  5. High quality vinyl material.

Price Per Piece: $38.99

Summer isn't complete until you've hit the water with this fun donut shaped floatie. Want a relaxing weekend or tan on the water,this pool float is your perfect answer! It measures 48 inches in diameter and is made of a durable high quality vinyl. Sporting a bright fun pink strawberry glaze design, you will turn heads and be the envy of the pool. Main Specifications of AG Pizza Float are listed below:

  1. Measures 4 feet wide for a maximum pool float experience.
  2. Made of high quality vinyl, this floating donut is a great addition for families, friends, and loved ones to be enjoyed in the water.
  3. Perfect for lounging, playing, floating, swimming and other fun water activities.
  4. Bright colors and detail on this donut will make you the envy of all other pool goers.
  5. Summer is here! Order your inflatable donut now with amazon prime to get free 2 day shipping!

Price Per Piece: $19.99

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Tracy Jones

This raft might be the cutest floatie I've ever seen! It looks exactly like the picture. It's a great size as well! My kids absolutely love it and it has now become the favorite raft to use in the pool. If I had a big enough pool, I would get enough to make a whole pizza. :) The quality is good as well. Hoping this one lasts a long time!

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